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Millineum's MoldFlow User Meet

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Millineum's MoldFlow User Meet
at Mumbai
on 5th and 6th October 2000


From left to right Mr. S Venkatramani- Head Product-SBU of TCS, Mr. PC Bolur- Chief Guest, Mr. Pradeep Kamat- Chief Technical support, Mr. Ho CEO Moldflow South Korea, Mr.NK Desai of GodrejGE,Mr Balaji Country ManagerTCS

Mr.PC Bolur while declaring the MoldFlow Users Meet open spoke about the importance of taking first step correctly in Injection Moulding of Plastics i.e verification of part design to ensure high degree of Mouldability with the help of MoldFlow. The errors (bugs) of the first step may not be possible to correct at later steps.

MoldFlow expert-users in the audiance

Mr. Pradeep Kamat initating the debate. Mr Sanjeev Kulkarni of (VIP Ind. Ltd) seated in the first row is a very highly respected expert of MoldFlow in India.

Active partcipation of India's MoldFlow Experts. MoldFlow users population is increasing now in India.

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